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Email Marketing List

Wondering how to drive more response to your usual email marketing campaigns?

Tread the road with Loyal Database Solutions to build your database with only ‘opt-in’ email addresses and generate high returns!

Effectiveness of email marketing campaigns can be measured based on the number of people opening the mail, how many reverting and how many actually opting for your services/products. Getting such a list of hot contacts especially at the start of the sales cycle assures increased sales, if they are used properly.

Loyal Database Solutions delivers email address list, which constitutes only ‘opt-in’ email addresses to ensure that you can never be accused of spam. It, in turn, also increases your open-rate and click-through-rate to increase the ROI from your marketing efforts.

The foundation of Loyal Database Solutions is based on the quality of data delivered, irrespective of quantity or timelines. Loyal Database Solutions built email marketing list is 100% accurate and phone validated to run targeted and effective email marketing campaigns that further help drive more prospects, and convert them into sales leads. The email addresses that are vital component for any email campaign success are assured to be updated, active and accurate. We can customize the database suiting your business needs and help you run targeted campaigns that will in turn generate high returns from email marketing investment.

Business Contact Database/List

Hassled because your data becomes obsolete before you even realize it? Distraught with the quality of your business contact information because the old names are no longer the decision makers? Loyal Database Solutions can help turn your stale data into intelligent information at your fingertips!

Marketing report from Sherpa states that about 3% of contact information downgrades monthly and 40% annually. This means, $130,000 revenue loss is incurred with every 100,000 contacts in your database. Reaching out random contacts means simply wasting time + money + resources without getting anything in return, as chances for the contact details being stale are high. Loyal Database Solutions can revise your contact database for present customers, former clients, prospects and alliances, allowing you to utilize your resources efficiently and chase the right prospects.

Loyal Database Solutions Business Contact Database services can build 100% accurate and phone validated contact lists that could result into high ROI. We can compile, for example, all companies from a specific location, industry or revenue bracket, their decision makers with accurate contact information, all the markets that they operate in and other details that are not readily available, to help you add fuel to your various marketing campaigns and sales campaigns.

However, only compiling contact data is not sufficient; regular refreshes and maintenance of their accuracy is equally important to sustain the effects. Loyal Database Solutions can build quality marketing lists of desired geography and industry, and regularly cleanse the database to ensure that only the best information is available for you to help convert real time sales opportunities.

Target Account List

Do you wish to run unique campaigns for targeted segments like companies with high IT and Purchasing Spend etc., but do not have the ideal database? Are you struggling to reach specific key titles but all you get is contact details of only the commonly found Chief executives/ VP’s? Tread the road with Loyal Database Solutions to identify the full target audience universe and get your ‘ideal’ customer database.

Target account profiling and key prospect mapping offer greatest potential to your business. Reduce your marketing spend by investing only in the accounts that are most likely to respond. With Target Account List Building services from Loyal Database Solutions, you can experience 10X increase in lead inflow, because of successful delivery of your marketing campaign messages to desired lists of customers and prospects.

Loyal Database Solutions hand-picks the list of deep-rooted key target accounts for your business with 100% accurate and phone validated contact database, leaving you with the confidence of reaching only targeted decision makers and influencers. We regularly refresh the lists to eliminate stale and old data, and ensure that your connect rate is much more than ever.

Loyal Database Solutions can build target account lists customized to your business requirements. With Loyal Database Solutions, target your specific geographical areas using zip or postal codes, counties, states, provinces or use SIC / NAICS Codes to target specific industries within your desired market. Furthermore, we can help you run focused campaigns by building contact list based on annual sales, number of employees, named accounts, “low hanging prospects,” hard to find customers, etc.

Marketing Campaign List

According to research, B2B marketing industry spends approximately $43 billion on marketing campaigns every year. Well planned and executed marketing campaigns can generate high quality sales leads and drive more customers, thus bring higher returns on your marketing investments. However, in order to run a successful marketing campaign, holding a fresh and targeted marketing campaign list is of paramount importance.

We can help you run targeted marketing campaigns by providing a customized list of recipients, as per your business demands. You can classify and define specific industry customers and prospects and leave it to Loyal Database Solutions team to provide you 100% accurate and phone validated contact database.

If the contact list on which your campaign is based turns out faulty, you will spend a lot more time, energy and money on a lost cause. Loyal Database Solutions can save the efforts by appending and updating inactive contact details to the existing contact database. You can run targeted campaigns, while we take care of your marketing campaign list building to reach the right prospects and bring high returns on your investments from sales campaigns.

Sales Campaign List

25% of sales persons are found to be spending time on discovering contacts than closing; are you one of those? Do you want to locate your customers fast and speak directly to the key decision makers? Are you worried because you do not have the right set of prospective customer dataset in your sales funnel to hit? Think about Loyal Database Solutions for the right solutions.

If the current contact database is stale and holding you back from running responsive sales campaigns then Loyal Database Solutions can boost your activities by building updated contact lists to avoid missing out on hot prospects.Sales campaigns, if launched the right way, could turn your business into a gold mine full of qualified sales leads. However, it is possible only if you have the right sales campaign list to reach right customers and generate quality sales opportunities.

Our contact discovery services are aimed to address contact database needs of your sales and marketing teams, as we deliver rich data to fuel your existing B2B sales pipeline with better sales quota, and fill your revenue bag. Loyal Database Solutions appended contact lists can fetch more sales opportunities, thus assured ROI from your next sales campaigns. With Loyal Database Solutions built B2B data lists, you can achieve higher number of closures and reduce the time to convert sales too. Our highly customized B2B list building services help you dig deep-rooted contacts for result-oriented sales campaigns, quantify leads and increase sales..

Audience and Deligates Database

According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), U.S. companies spend nearly $24 billion annually to exhibit at industry trade shows. Hefty sum is spent on marketing and advertising to attract targeted audience-base, yet the massive expenditure is not justified. A rich audience and delegate database from Loyal Database Solutions can help you and your exhibitors meet the right people, create new business alliances and boost revenue stream across various conferences, exhibitions and other events, and hence facilitate high returns on your investment.

Loyal Database Solutions built customized invitee list helps you maintain a fully equipped audience and delegate database with 100% accurate and phone validated contacts for your data management initiatives. Our team ensures that you have strong attendee list ready for every event, by using a cutting-edge combination of focused crawler and highly skilled domain experts. We can build highly targeted audience-base for you, across various industries that are most likely to attend your event, thereby facilitating your sponsors and exhibitors capture the prospective sales leads. The heavily loaded lists can also help you foster long lasting relationships with these delegates and develop your own database of Loyal visitors for all future events, even if your marketing and advertising fails or the economy is in doldrums.

If you are also planning to use the same contact database for forthcoming events and conventions, think again! In US alone, 30 million people switch jobs every year; 2.5 million businesses move their locations every year and thousands of business events are announced every day. One cannot achieve business objectives and build successful event strategy on such stale and obsolete contact data. Loyal Database Solutions can refresh the erroneous records, append the missing details and enrich your existing database to build a list of quality audience, and reward you with potential leads and high ROI.