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B2B Database Appending

A B2B database is only as good as the data it contains. Loyal Database Solutions provides technology-driven B2B database appending services that can turn your incomplete and stale dataset into valuable lists of business leads. Loyal Database Solutions can append and update your existing contact database with active and accurate details like email addresses, job titles, phone and fax numbers, address, website, revenue size, employee size, decision makers and other company information to run successful multi-channel marketing campaigns. With Loyal Database Solutions Services, you can organize marketing and sales efforts effectively, and hence improve your marketing ROI with the best quality database.

Database Cleansing Appending

A large database devoid of regular refreshes is most likely to comprise of duplicate, dead, invalid, incomplete and stale contacts. Quality of data in your contact database has a direct impact on the business ROI. Thus, cleansing and updating contact database on a regular basis is the primary and perennial need of the business. Loyal Database Solutions can scrub, nurture and update your existing contact database on a regular basis to keep it fresh and flowing; thereby helping you generate as many qualified leads with measurable returns. Loyal Database Solutions Database Cleansing services add fuel to your sales pipeline by adding more qualified sales leads, and launch effective sales and marketing campaigns.

Phone Appending

Over 40 million people move each year, which leads to 14% of all phone numbers going bad every 12 months. Incorrect or missing direct numbers of targeted B2B prospects can keep you away from closing deals, even if you have located the “low hanging prospects”. Loyal Database Solutions can enrich and append phone numbers of your probable prospects, and help the sales team create new revenue opportunities. Loyal Database Solutions appended contact database can convert your simple contact files into actionable lists of leads, thereby increasing your business ROI by reaching the right set of prospects.

Fax Appending

Experts say that communicating with customers through more than one channel increases the chances of turning potential prospects into real customers. Loyal Database Solutions can help you increase your customer base by adding missing fax numbers, in combination with contact names and addresses for every record present in your existing database. Thus, Fax Appending Services from Loyal Database Solutions increase the chances of converting your leads into sales opportunities and accelerates ROI with most current and accurate information

Alternate Contact Appending

Loyal Database Solutions can add details of alternate contacts from same company to the existing database, thereby helping you reach multiple people at the same time and strengthen your chances of receiving responses from their end. With Alternate Contact Appending Services, you can ensure that your message is not getting lost, and is reaching the right ears by conveying it to more than one contact in your target account.

Contact Name & Title Appending

Loyal Database Solutions can append your existing database with missing Contact Names & Job Titles, and enable you to send the right message only to the right prospects holding titles that are relevant to your business. We do name research to deliver verified and validated contact details to ensure there are no roadblocks towards your sales and marketing campaigns’ success.

Address Appending

Holding right addresses can bring desired results from your sales and marketing efforts. All you need to do is provide us with your incomplete and inaccurate database and wait for Loyal Database Solutions to show some magic. We will add the missing addresses and update the old ones in your existing contact list, thereby turning the process of sending promotional collaterals to the prospects into a hassle free experience

Decision Makers Appending

Accurate and updated contacts in your database helps you accelerate your business returns, however, verified and validated details for the line-of-business Decision Makers & Key Executives add cherry to the cake. Loyal Database Solutions helps you reach the industry decision-makers by enriching and appending your existing database with the right names for your business, customized to your specific requirements.

Reverse Appending

If your database does not have complete contact details, we can reverse append to fill in the gaps by using the list of email addresses provided by you. Loyal Database Solutions can add the missing contact names, fax numbers, phone numbers, and postal information to your existing database to ensure that your marketing budget is spent well.

SIC Code & NAICS Code Appending

Loyal Database Solutions can add the missing SIC & NAIC codes to your in-house database. With the detailed information on the US businesses and their industries, you can attack the target market with the desired message at the right time.